Are you using Primavera in Right Way?

If you are working on Oracle Primavera, then answer the following questions to yourself;

  1. Are you using your smart phones for updating the actual progress in Primavera?
  2. Are you getting daily reports “automatically” in your email inbox every morning?
  3. Are you also getting financial progress of your projects along with physical progress?
  4. Are you getting advance email alerts notifications whenever the actual cost exceeds the budget?
  5. Are you getting advance email alerts notifications whenever milestone date getting slips?
  6. Are you able to calculate the impact of any risk on your project budget & schedule?
  7. Are you getting the accurate Earn Value Analysis based on the actual cost captured in ERP (EBS/SAP)?
  8. Are you getting accurate manpower & equipment requirement forecast from Primavera
  9. Are you professionally managing the issues occurred in your projects?
  10. Are you getting accurate S-curve of your project based on cost or even BOQ quantities?
  11. Are you getting real-time dashboard & reports without any manual intervene?
  12. Are you managing the entire project related documents in Primavera?
  13. Are you able to manage the BOQ and execution quantities in Primavera?
  14. Are you the single guy working on Primavera or all the departments are involving in Planning, updating & reporting process?
15. Are you getting project performance measurement matrices?

If your answer is “NO” in most of the above questions, then you should rethink whether you are using Primavera in the right way or not.

To make you more clear, let take an example, suppose you have purchased a football match ticket at $100. Now tell me, will you watch the full match of 90 mins or will you watch only 20 mins of the match??

So, if you have paid the full amount on Primavera license then why you are using it only 20%? why you are not getting the 100% utilization of the amount invested on Primavera license?


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