Cost Management in Primavera Unifier

Cost Management In Unifier – End to End Overview

Cost management is the key to success for any organization, hence, therefore, every organization would like to use those Project Management tools having precise
and real-time cost management functionalities.

Well,  and not discuss the common feature of P6 & Unifier like WBS cost, baseline, Earn value, etc

In my view, the thing which makes Unifier superior to P6 is the way of cost management in Unifier. It is far better than P6. P6 does have cost management functionalities, but it is very limited which is not sufficient to provide an accurate and real-time picture of any organization financial project portfolio status. On the other hand, Unifier provides such functionalities which are helpful to understand the real-time cash flow of any organization.

For example, P6 has limitations in capturing the Inventory cost, expense under approval, depreciation values of assets, lease values, real-time cash flow and more. Unifier is providing the solution for such limitations of P6 as it has capabilities like Integrated cost management, capturing dynamic expense, expenses under workflow approval and many more.   

Integrated Fund Management takes Unifier next level of cost management solution, especially for public sector organization. By Linking BP workflow with cost sheet and fund sheet provides you real-time status of potential expense as well. Unlike P6, Unifier can handle multiple currencies transaction in the single project which makes it suitable for MNCs.

Well, there is a lot to discuss about the Unifier cost management, which I will try to cover in my later posts. In this post, I would like to give the end to end overview of cost management in Unifier.

Being a Unifier Consultant, the following are the major tasks for which you may be responsible.

1. You need to design and deploy the cost attribute form as per client business requirement.

Sample Cost Attribute Form

2. You need to configure the permissions at the End User level, Maintain Permission at the group level is a better way to manage it I.e. Project Manager, Account Manager Project Cost Controller are some example of groups
Unifier Permission Managment
Define Specific Permissions for each user based on his role in the business transaction.

3. You need to create the various cost management templates like cost sheet template, Worksheet, Cash flow template and many more.
Sample Cost Sheet Template: Project Cost sheet is only created by the template, so you need to create it first for cost manager module setup.

Sample Fund Sheet Template

SOV Template: Required for PO and Contract BPs (Base commit BPs)

Rules Templates

4. You need to create a project cost sheet for Project team user’s transactions
Unifier Project Cost Sheet
5. Define the project budget: Once the estimation is done, you have locked the budget.

Apart from the above major tasks, you may also need to build some optional cost management components depends upon the client to client, project to project.

1. For capturing complex calculation, you may create worksheets which will be supporting Project cost sheet.
Unifier Cost Worksheet
2. For different, you may create separates work packages for better cost analysis

3. For strategies and capital planning, you may create program & company level cost sheet and Cash Flow

4. Company Level Cost Sheet:
Summarised overview rolled up cost from each project.

5. As per your client nature of the business, you have designed and deploy all the various cost business processes

6. Generally, public sector clients like to management fund, hence ask you to create and integrate fund sheet with cost sheet.

7. If the client is releasing PO to the vendor from Unifier, then you may need to set SOV (Schedule of Values)

And some more useful features you may need to design and setup depends on your client requirements.

Cost Management is my favorite in Unifier, but it is not possible to explain all the Unifier cost management functionalities in a single post. Hence I will write a series of posts dedicated to Unifier Cost Management to explain some best cost related functionalities of Unifier.

As I come from the core Project Planning background hence I understand the significance of cash flow and Budget for any organization. Please let me know if you guys are interested to read the post on below cost control functionalities in Unifier.      

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Even, I will suggest, please go through the different blogs to find some stuff on cost management in Unifier.

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