How to Create Project Cost Sheet in Unifier

Project Cost Sheet in Unifier

If you are reading this post, then I believe, you understand the importance of Project costing and there is no further need to explain its significance again. Even in Unifier, cost sheet is the key component of the Cost Manager module; you know why I am saying this, because of two main reasons. First, it is component that is integrated with other modules of Unifier i.e. Fund manager, various cost BPs, cash-flow, P6 Activity sheet and more. The second reason, cost sheet is available at different levels of company hierarchy i.e. Project level, Program level, and Company level.


Also, cost sheet helps you in understanding the real-time financial picture of projects, portfolios & company as it is extensively integrated with cost BPs workflow so you will get the correct idea of potential expense & they status in the workflow (under approval, under review or rejected) with due dates of cost incurrence(this month or next month/Quarter) which is helpful for financial personnel for accurate reporting & forecast figure.


In this post, we will see “how to create the Project cost sheet” and how it integrated with cost BPs.

Always keep in mind, Project cost sheet cannot be created directly from the cost manager module simply, it can only be created by copying existing templates or from another project cost sheet. So our first step is to create the Project Cost sheet template which we have to do at company workspace.

Here is the navigation, Go to company workspace, switch to Admin mode, select Templates, and select cost sheet. The log shows all the available cost sheet templates.
Unifier Cost Managent

Click on the drop-down next to the New button and select cost sheet. It will pop up Property window like below.
In General Tab – Enter any user-friendly Title and Description which describe the purpose of the template.
Select any default view at this moment as it may change later so no worry about it.
Unifier Cost Management
Under Structure Tab – select “Tree” if you want intended rows in your cost sheet or else to keep Flat.

Select the number of segments you want to keep in your cost sheet. (segments created during CBS design).

Option tab settings are so important as it decides what features you will get in your Project cost sheet. For example, you will only get Forecast button once you select “Enable Cost Sheet Forecasting” checkbox and if you want to show cost related columns from P6 EPPM application (Required integration setup) you should select “Enable P6 sources” checkbox.
Unifier Cost Management
Once you are done with Property window settings of cost sheet template, click OK. New cost template will be added to the cost log as below.
Unifier Cost Management
Below is sample cost template looks like. If you wish, you can add the general cost column here in the template itself or can add more column later in project cost sheet. Here I will suggest you, only add general columns in the template which is applicable to all projects.

Now we have created the cost sheet template at company workspace, but in order to create the Project cost sheet, you need to assign the appropriate permissions at Cost Manager module to the user based on his role. Otherwise, you will not find the Cost Manager module in your user navigation.

As I told you that cost sheet is available at different levels, so you need to assign permissions from Project level to access Cost Manager module for that particular project. Follow the navigation to assign the required permission to create Project cost sheet at Project Level.

Select the desired Project, switch to Admin mode, click on Access Control, select “User Mode Access” in right side window then select Cost Manager and finally select cost sheet.

Select the permission as per user role.

Now, you are ready to add the Project cost sheet in your Project. Follow the below navigation for adding Project cost sheet.

Select the desired Project, switch to User mode, click on Cost Manager and select cost sheet.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to the New button and select the cost sheet. Here you will get two option, choose “Copy from Template

Another window will pop up and will show all the available cost templates. Select the desired template as per project need.

 Unifier cost management
There will be confirmation window come, click Yes to create a new Project cost sheet.

Unifier cost management
Upon confirmation, the project cost sheet will be created and available in the log

Unifier cost management

So, Guys, this is how you can create a Project cost sheet from scratch. In my next post, I will let you know how to add columns and rows in the cost sheet and how business transactions data comes in the project cost sheet. 

Guys, comment below if you want to know more about Project Cost Sheet or any specific topic in Project costing in Unifier.

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