How to Create Weblogic Domain

In this post, we will walk see how to create the WebLogic domain.

Once you are done with Weblogic installation now you need to create the domain for the Primavera application deployment.
1. Click on “Getting Start with Weblogic 12.x.x” to initiate the domain creation wizard

Or can you execute config.cmd file located in Weblogic home: something like “F:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_12.1\common\bin

2. Select “Create a new Weblogic domain” to create a new domain

3. Select basic Weblogic server domain (by default) option and click Next 
4. Enter the Domain name & Location (Space not allowed between words)

5. Set the Domain login credentials (better you note it down).

6. Select environment type: Development or Production
    Development – If you testing in phase and don’t want to log in every time to start Weblogic server
    Production – Credential is required every time for starting Weblogic server.

7.Select your JDK home. It may be something like C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101

8. Choose the server, cluster & Machine setup options. 

9. Enter the Admin server name, Lister address (server IP or name), Listen port (ensure not begin used by other application) 

10. Review Configuration Summary and click on “Create”

11. Within few seconds new domain will be created.

12. Select “Start Admin Server” to start the WebLogic server for the newly created domain.

This is how you can create WebLogic domain. In next post, we will see how to deploy the Primavera application into Weblogic domain.

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