Data integration with multiple Primavera EPPM instances

Here we will discuss about How to Data integration with multiple Primavera EPPM instances.

SAP Enterprise Project Connection and platform release supports connection to multiple database instances of Oracle Primavera EPPM system.

Reason and Prerequisites

It provides support in case of multiple Oracle Primavera database instances.


Integration Engine component of SAP Enterprise Project Connection supports integration of SAP PS and SAP PM data with multiple database instance of Primavera EPPM system.

Following are the steps to implement this feature:

     1. Install SAP EPC product and configure Oracle Primavera connection as mentioned in the product installation
  guide. Test and verify your data integration works from SAP to Primavera default database instance.
     2. Configure database connection of multiple instances using Oracle Primavera Integration API admin application and
  Note down the instance numbers that you want to connect.
     3. After configuring Primavera database instances using Integration API admin application, restart Primavera
  Integration API services. SAP EPC cannot connect to this newly configured instances unless you restart Primavera
  Integration API web application.

There are two ways to implement this feature in your data integration:

 1. Workflow Request level implementation:
   To implement this feature at the workflow request level, create a custom ABAP transaction. In the ABAP code where you are making     http    REST request to call your integration workflow(operation), pass one additional parameter.

2. Or using Workflow Step level implantation:
   To implement this feature at the workflow step level, Identify steps that are either reading or writing data from Primavera. Add one     additional step parameter.