How to Configure the Alert Report in Unifier

This post is in continuation of my previous post on alert report in Unifier. In this post, we will walk through the configuration side of the alert report in Unifier

  1. Alert Report (Refer the previous post to know how to create alert report)
  2. User has permission to create the UDR

Once the alter report created, you can configure it as per your client requirement.

1. To configure it, open the desired project and switch to User Mode.
2. Select “Alerts” in the user navigation and click on New Button

3. Click on “Select” to browse the alter report for which you want to configure alter notification.

4. choose other settings as per your requirement.

6. Once you enter all the information, Alert window will look like below.
This is how to configure the Alter report I.e. Email notification, alter Frequency, Email body text.

Once you configured the Alert window. The log will show the Trigger value as per alert report (created in the previous post) and the current value will be equal to zero as yet you did not execute any record.

To get alert notification, you need to execute BP record (Budget approval in this example)

1. Go to the collaboration in the left navigation, select Task and click drop down next to New button.
2. Select BP (Budget Approval in this example) to create a new record.

3. Enter the general information into the upper section of the record.
4. Click Add to add cost items in details sections

5. Enter the line item details

6. Once you enter the cost line items the record will look like below. Keep the total amount of all the line item more than defined values (one million) to get an alert notification.

6. Send record for approval. You will not get any alter notification till BP record get Approved (as we defined in Alert report)

7. Once the record gets approved and the if the amount value exceeds the defined value (1 million), then the status value will change to Red and you will get an alter email notification as per defined frequency.

8. Also, you will get Umail notification based on your settings of alert window.

Guys, this is how you can configure alter notification in Unifier. This is my favorite UDR type in Unifier.

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