How to Create Alert Report in Unifier

In this post, we will see How to create Alert notification report in Unifier.

Unifier Alert report is very well suited to those business users who are busy in managing the day to day activities and have No time to review they project critical information frequently.

Once you created & configured Alert report for your project, you will automatically get alert notifications of Project critical items

To create a new Alert report, open your project and switch to user mode and select User Defined under Reports.

1. Click on New Button to create a new report.

2.  Select “Alert” as Report Type.
3. Select Data Type for which you would like to configure the alert notifications. For example, here I select “Budget Approval” BP

4. General Tab: Enter Report Name, Title & Default Time Zone under. Please be careful about Time zone setting as the default time zone that will be used where timestamps appear on your report.

5. Data element: In Alert column, either select record count (to show total number of records) or summary value (To show value comes from a formula)
6. Create the formula as per your requirement. For example, if Budget Amount exceeds from one million dollars then I must get a alter notification.

7.Query Tab: You define query parameters here to provide input at runtime like you can define the conditions for the report. For example here, I defined the condition that my alert report only considers “Approved” records of Budget Approval BP Transaction and ignore under review budget amount.

8. Layout Tab: In this tab, you define the print layout properties like paper size, orientation, Header – Footer etc.

9. Shell Tab: This tab gives you the flexibility to select which shells will be included in the report and excludes the inactive one.

10. Permission Tab:  This tab allows you to configure the permission for other users to access, edit, or modify the permissions of this report.

Schedule Tab: This tab allows you to create a schedule to automatically run user-defined reports and send email notification if required.

So, Guys, these are the simple steps to create a new “Alert Report” in Unifier. In my next post, I will let you know how to configure the Alter Report to get alert in Unifier and email notification.

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