How To Create User in Unifier

User management is unifier is depends on various factors like whether your organization is cloud customer or on-premise customer. OIM/OAM is enabled or disabled.

For this post, I am considering the simplest environment assuming, on-premise installation and without and  external user management application like OIM/OAM
Also considering the user management is in unifier only.

There are multiple ways to create company users in unifier, the most preferred way is creating user Manually.
In case of specific requirement, you can create users in unifier by following ways

  • Import a CSV file
  • Use web services

In this blog, I will let you know how to create a user manually in unifier.

1. Go to the Company Workspace tab and switch to Admin mode.

2. Select User Administration Company Users.

3. Click New from the toolbar to open the Edit User window and complete the form.
The Edit User window opens.
4. Complete the fields of the General tab as discussed in the following table.

5. Click the Security tab. You must enter the login username and password.

6. To view the password requirement & setting, click on view password hyperlink. Password Policy window will open

7. Group Tab: Click on Add button to specify user belongs to which group. 

8. Permissions: This tab is used to configure individual permission settings for the user. But assigning permission is not a good idea. Assigning permission to Group is the better way to manage users permission.

Alternatively, you can assign permission through Permission Templates as well.

9. Projects: Project tab lists the projects to which the user has been added. You cannot add any project from here, it is view-only.

10. Shells: Shell tab lists the shells to which the user has been added. You cannot add any Shell from here, it is view-only.

11. Programs: Program tab lists the programs to which the user has been added. You cannot add any program from here, it is view-only.

12. Proxy: Proxy tab is used for add the user’s proxy users who can perform the task on user behalfs in his absence.

Ensure the status is Active.

13. Click Apply to save changes, or OK to save and exit the window.

This is the way how you can create new a user manually in unifier.

In case, if you have to create users in bulk then you may use Import a CSV file method, in which you first export csv structure and enter the user’s details in the csv file and import it back into unifier environment.

In case, if have to the user from any other external application you may use webservices where integration is used for creating users in unifier.

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