How to Deploy the Primavera Application into Weblogic

In this post, we will see how to deploy Primavera application once you created Weblogic Domain.

1. Start the Weblogic server. Go to the Domain_Home\bin and double click on “StartWeblogic.cmd” (In Linux
Please ensure the Weblogic server started in “Running mode” like below

2. Open the Weblogic console in browser & login with Weblogic credential setup at the time of domain creation: For example http://localhost:7015/console

3. In the Left navigation, click on Domain Structure pane, click Deployments
In the Summary of Deployments pane, click Install.

4. In the Path to the new application pane: click the browse button to navigate to Installaion_Home\application directory (where .ear/.war located) and Select the P6.ear (for P6 web Deployment) or P6API.war (for API Deployment) file and click Next.

5. select Install deployment as an application and click Next.

6. Click Next to accept the default options

7. Review the configuration settings you have chosen and click Finish to complete.

8. On the Settings for PrimaveraAPI page, click Save.

9. Ensure that Application state should be “Active”

10. If the State is not Active, 
       a. In the Summary of Deployments page, select PrimaveraAPI.
       b. In the Summary of Deployments pane, click the down arrow to the right of the Start button and click Servicing all requests.
       c. In the Start Application Assistant pane, click Yes.
       d. In the Summary of Deployments pane, click the start Running link in the State column of the row that contains PrimaveraAPI.

The deployment of Primavera application is done once you get the “Active” State against the application name. Now you are ready to use the Primavera application.

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