How to Install Primavera P6 EPPM 17.7 on Window

Below are the simple steps to Install Primavera P6 EPPM installation on windows OS

1. Database Installation (Oracle or SQL)
2. JDK & JRE Installation
3. P6 EPPM Installation
4. P6 EPPM Configuration
5. Oracle Weblogic Installation
6. Domain creation for P6
7. P6 Ear file deployment

Let see each step in detail now

1.  MS SQL Database Installation – Refer my post to get the installation steps How to install MS SQL Database

2.  JDK & JRE Installation – Refer my post to get the installation steps How to install JDK & JRE

3. P6 EPPM Installation
a. Goto the Install folder & Double click on the setup.exe as below

b. Oracle Universal Installer with check the required swap space & monitor color.

c. Once test passed welcome wizard will appear, click “Next”

d. Provide the P6EPPM Name and location

e. Select the Primavera EPPM components which you would like to install

f. Browse the JDK Home. For example – C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101

g.Have look the Installation summary, for future reference you may take the screen also

4. P6 EPPM Configuration

a. Goto the Installed P6EPPM, select P6 folder and double-click eppmconfig.cmd.  

b. Click next to welcome wizard

c. Select create new P6 EPPM Database for new fresh Installation.

d. Enter DB parameter

e. Set Keystore password

f. Setup Database Schema Users credential and Primavera Admin User credential

g. You can any enter specific P6 Configuration name or can keep default also

h. Leave uncheck “configure Weblogic” I suggest to configure Weblogic separately to avoid complexity

i. You can configure content repository (For Document Management) if your client has Document Management applications license

j. You can configure & Integrate BI Publisher (For Reporting) if your client has BI Publisher applications license

k. You can configure & Integrate Oracle BPM (For Workflow Management) if your client has BPM license

l. Please review and note the configuration details

m. You will below screen upon successful configuration of the different component

n. Save the Configuration Details for future reference

5. Oracle Weblogic Installation: Refer my post to get the installation steps How to install Oracle Weblogic 12c”

6. Domain creation for P6: Refer my post to get the domain creation steps How to create the WebLogic domain

7. P6 Ear file deployment: Refer my post to get the P6 Ear file deployment steps How to Deploy Primavera application

So, This is how you can install, configure and Integrate Primavera P6 EPPM on windows.

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