Open Ends in Activities in Primavera P6 Professionals

We usually come across some scenarios where we see that the activity has Total Float and we think that we have saved some buffer time in our project. Well, congratulations!

Let me give you a headache, it’s not what it looks like in most of the cases. It can be caused by one or more activities have Open End.

In this blog, we will discuss about Open End and we will also learn to more Open End

Every project should have only two open end activities.

  1. Start Milestone activity is first activity of project and which will not have predecessor and
  2. Finish Milestone which is last activity of Project which will not have successor.

Open end activities are the activities which do not have either successor or predecessor assigned.

Let me explain how it can impact our planning

Image 1

I have created a sample project with few activities in image 1. All the activities are without any float.

Image 2

We can see that all the activities have relationships added in Image 2

Image 3

You will see Total Float and Free Float of 5 days in image 3. Activity A1030 has same Start date as Start date of project. However, both the images have same activities and same duration as well. Let’s find out the reason of that float.

Image 4

You will see that Activity A1030 has missing Successor and Activity A1040 has Predecessor missing. That is the reason we are seeing the incorrect information.

We must make sure that we are providing relationships to all the activities except first and last activity of project.