Oracle Primavera Unifier REST API Integration – Part 1

Before we start walk through, you should understand two concepts. What is ‘REST’ &  ‘API’

REST stands for “Representational State Transfer”, it determines how API should look like. REST defines rules which developer can consider while developing the API. You should get structured data when link to specific URL. Each URL is called as Request and data which user gets in return is called as Response.

API is nothing but an Application Programming Interface which allows to communicate between two programs. Client can directly communicate with the application using the API created on the server. If you wanna learn how Primavera API works  

Request is consists of following main components

  • Endpoint : URL (route) user requests for
  • Method   : GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE
  • Headers  : Mostly used for Authentication
  • Body       : Data to be passed to the server

In this post, we will walk through how the REST API’s of Unifier can be used in order to integrate the Primavera Unifier with other enterprise applications.

Below are the simple steps to connect with other enterprise applications

1 : Integration User Creation

1.1 : Login into Oracle Primavera Unifier

1.2 : Navigate to Company workspace and click on ‘User Administrator’

1.3 : Go to Integration Users

1.4 : Enter required information in all mandatory fields inside the form

1.5 : Note down User Name and Password and store it safe on your system, you will need it for authentication on upcoming steps

2 : Obtain REST Web Service URL

2.1 : Login into Primavera Unifier Portal

2.2 : Click on “Web Service Instructions”

2.3 : Copy required Unifier REST Web Service URL given under “Primavera Unifier REST Web Service URL” and store it safe on your system.

3 : Download and Install Postman

3.1 : You can download Postman Plugin which is available for your browser else you can download standalone app on your system.

3.2 : Open Postman

3.3 : If you are existing user then you can directly sign-in to the app

3.4 : If you are new user then you can sign up for the app alternatively you can use your google account in order to Sign in to this app

NOTE : You can also use this app without signing to the app but it is always recommended to Login the app since you can always maintain the history of the OLD API requests used in the past and also you can sign in to this account on other system in order to resume your work wherever you have left it last time.

So now you are connected with the postman. In the next part of this blog chain, we will walk through the connection with Unifier.

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