Oracle Primavera Unifier SOAP Integration – Part 1

Oracle Primavera Unifier can be integrated with other enterprise systems using XML based web services (SOAP) and also using RESTful APIs.

Business Process, Cost Sheet , Document Manager, Schedule sheet data etc can be created, updated or fetch using simple XML based unifier web services. This integration approach is safe since its using SSL connection.If other enterprise application which you want to integrate with Primavera Unifier has ability to call web services then direct integration can be build. Else the custom-developed Primavera Unifier client or enterprise application integration (EAI) with an enterprise service bus (ESB) can be used as an intermediary.

WSDL file describes how to interact with Primavera Unifier web services. In general WSDL describes set of SOAP messages, also it specifies how the request should contain and how the response message will look like.

Dynamic report generation requirement can also be achieved using web service integration approach.

In this blog you will see how to download WSDL specific to your Unifier environment and also how to obtain SOAP webservice URL for your Unifier environment.

1 : Download WSDL

Follow the steps given below in order to download WSDL

1.1 : Login to Oracle Primavera Unifier 

1.2 : click on “?”

1.3 : Click on Download Plugins

1.4 : Click on “here” under header “Unifier Webservices WSDL“, zip file of WSDL will get downloaded to your system.

1.5 : Unzip the file and store it on accessible path of your system.

2 : Obtain SOAP webservice URL

Here are the steps to obtain SOAP web service URL

2.1 : Login to Unifier Portal

2.2 : Click on “Web Service Instructions”

2.3 : Copy required Unifier SOAP Web Service URL given under “Primavera Unifier SOAP Web Service URL” and store it safe on your system.

Click setup project within SOAP UI in order to test the Unifier SOAP Web Services.

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