Oracle Primavera Unifier SOAP Integration – Part 3

When any request is being executed it aways returns one of the status code within Status Code tags of the response.

Below are some of the status codes for the response –

String Status Code Description
200 OK
300 Bad Data
302 Invalid Short name/AuthCode
303 Invalid Project Number
304 Invalid Business Process Name
405 Method Not Allowed
406 Invalid Server URL
500 Server Error, contact the system administrator
501 Not Implemented
503 Out of Resources
505 Invalid data
506 Invalid login
507 Error in creating directory for business process
601 Invalid Shortname/Authentication code
602 Project Number is not Correct
603 Business Process Name is not correct
605 No Budget setup for the project
606 Budget is not correct.
608 XML is not valid
609 Project Template/Project Number is not correct
610 Only Cost and Line Item BPs are supported
611 Only Cost and Line Item BPs are supported
612 Project Template/Project name already exists
613 Project number already exists
614 ProjectXML should contain project number and project name tags.
615 Error processing XML.
616 XML is null or empty.
617 Found duplicate project numbers.
650 Create BP failed because …..
651 CBS Code is not Present
654 CBS Code is not in the correct format.
655 Could not create CBS Item.
656 Object Name is null or empty.
657 Invalid record_no.
658 field record_no is not present.
659 field record_no is empty.
660 field record_no is duplicate.
661 Integration settings for default workflow link id not set.
662 Integration setting for default workflow or creator or BP not set.

The Integration setting for default workflow, creator, or Business Process (BP) name has not been set. This error is sent for the Project number and the BP name that the user has sent in the web service call.

663 Status field value is not correct.
664 Create Project failed because
665 Data values for field tag
690 Only Lineitem non workflow BPs supported
691 Rule engine.
692 Cannot create multiple records for single record BP
693 Cannot create workflow process
694 Project Name can only contain the following characters: alphanumeric, spaces, and ()[],.;:-_&<>’
695 Project Number can only contain the following characters : alphanumeric and [.-_] characters are allowed
701 Invalid Column Name.
702 Column is not defined as manual entry.
703 Administrator is inactive. Cannot create column data.
704 Duplicate Column Name.
705 Update Column Data failed because:
706 Get Column Data failed because:
707 Cost sheet does not exist.
708 Unable to run report. Contact System Administrator.
709 Report name is not valid. Check if report exists or is enabled for Integration.
710 Cannot create Asset type BP record using createBPRecord interface.
711 Invalid sheet name.
712 Import of Schedule activities failed reason :
713 Schedule sheet name is not valid.
714 Schedule sheet cannot be created; reason XML Import property is set to ‘merge into existing schedule’.
715 Schedule sheet cannot be updated, reason XML Import property is set to ‘overwrite existing schedule’.
716 The SOV of the selected contract is locked by another Business Process.
717 Selected contract does not have SOV.  Check if the contract has reached terminal status.
718 Field name “+bp_picker_source_name +” is required.
719 pickervalue +” is invalid “+”value for “+source_name +”.”
720 Reference BP not supported
721 Multiple records found for field “+source_name + ” with value ” + pickervalue+ “.”
722 Invalid field name(s)
723 Spend Business Process not supported.
724 SOV is not created yet for the base commit associated with this Business Process.
725 You cannot change a Business Process picker name + <source_name> + , that has line item(s) associated with it.
726 Reference Commit picker value cannot be changed.
800 No Active multiple instance
803 Copy from shell template is not active
804 (can be a combination of the following given below)

can only contain the following characters: alphanumeric and [.-_] characters

cannot contain any of the following characters: / \ : * ? ” < > |

Current shell cannot be a sub-shell of the selected shell

Administrator is not a valid user

805 shell_name <shell name> already exists under <location>
806 shell_number <shell num> already exists
807 shell_name <shell name> already exists under <location>
808 shell_number <shell num> already exists
810 Integration Interface not found
811 Invalid Filter Condition
812 Copy from shell/template number is not correct
854 Amount exceeds remaining Reference Commit balance for one or more CBS codes
855 Reference commit value cannot be modified
867 Correct the syntax and resubmit the statement.

The Data Type is not supported. Data Type should be one of the following:



§     FLOAT


§     CLOB

§     XML

869 Number of line items in the input file exceeds number of lines in the SOV