How P6 User Access to P6 Analytics

Access to P6 Analytics for a P6 EPPM Users

In this post, we will see how to assign P6 Analytics application can be access to Primavera P6 EPPM users on Cloud Environment:

Below are the simple steps for how P6 User to access P6 Analytics:

1. Log in to Cloud Administration.

2. Add a user.
3. Select & assign BI Author or BI Consumer, Primavera P6 Production and Primavera Analytics Production application access for that P6 EPPM user.

4. Now do the following Settings in Primavera P6 EPPM Environment:

  4.1 Login to P6 EPPM as an administrator.

  4.2 Goto the Administer menu and select User Access.

  4.3 From the User Access window, select the user that will need access to Primavera Analytics.
  4.4 From the lower section of the screen, click the Module Access tab.
  4.5 Double click in the checkbox in the access column next to the P6 Analytics module.
  4.6 Click Save.
5. Repeat these steps for each user that will need to access data from the Primavera Analytics.
6. Select the Global Schedule Services from the Administer menu.

7. Run the Global Schedule Services and Run “Publish Security”. It must run to successful completion prior to running the STARETL process.
8. Logging into Primavera Analytics Administrator.

9. Run the STARETL for Unifier.


So, This is how a P6 EPPM user can access P6 Analytics Application.

Click on the link to understand how a Primavera Unifier user can access P6 Analytics Application.


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