Primavera – ERP Integration Overview

Business requirements and solution for Primavera and ERP integration.

Primavera P6 and ERP Application e.g. Oracle EBS or SAP etc.Business requirements and solution to have a real time integration are as follows:

Objective: To handle contract as well as project execution under budget and under schedule. ERP means for BOQ (Bill of Quantity) definition and Primavera P6 means for real execution planning of the project.

Project structure definition in ERP: Project task structure should be define in such a way that it would relate Contract BOQ line items and have proper obsolete/advisory budgetary control over project budget. There are other modules like inventory or supply chain management plays a vital role in procurement of budgeted materials, non-labors and labors. Actual costing from different modules will capture or load to Project Tasks.

Project Structure definition in Primavera P6: Primavera P6 is the real planning of the project from pre project phase to project execution to Project finish to defect liability period or maintenance period. Once Contract is at Proposal status, Contract Manager estimates the Project budget based on resource, major tasks and duration. A planner should divide Project L3 structure or major WBS in such a way that it represents all the major work packages or parent WBS. Project should be planned to L6 or L7 depends on Project Manager and duration of overall Project timing.

Business Integration: Integration of ERP and P6 is the simulation of data flow from one application to another. Keeping in view of business integration flows of Master Data and Transnational data during the project phases, integration specialists design and re-engineer the process. For example: detailed project planning with resource will have project planned value in P6 which will transferred to ERP Project major WBS.

Project Control: Schedule and cost control is the main objective of Business integration. To achieve Project cost and schedule control, there must be simulation in Project structure in both the application and methods of progress update, actual costing and forecasting should be well decided before stepping in to business integration.

Project Maintenance phase: every project or contract has defect liability period or Project Maintenance phase. Project Plan in both the application should have a WBS for Project Maintenance. Project will be finished or inactive in both the application once defect liability period gets over and last invoice being raised or paid.

Project Phases

Reporting Methodology:
Reports are the instruments which provides Project stakeholders to analyze real time schedule and cost data. Business integration should well decide in advance and finalize report format and data source.

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