Requirement Gathering in Primavera Implementation

The success of any Implementation project is significantly depends on Requirement gathering, hence in this post, we will go through the Importance of Requirement gathering.

For any implementation project, Requirement Gathering Session is the most important session in the initiation phase of the Implementation. Solution Architect (SA) or Subject Matter Expert (SME) gathers the business requirement from customer and further analysis provides the gap in the current business process.

Requirement must be documented in “Business Requirement Document (BRD)” before taking decisions on future business process in “Solution Design”. BRD approval is much required to freeze the scope to avoid any discrepancy in requirement after solution design.

Approach to gather business requirement for Primavera Implementation.

Primavera Implementation is actually Project Management Solution for Project Management Organisation (PMO) or PMO department of an organisation. PMO is likely to make a universal business process which should be followed by all the departments involved in Project such as Core team of performance or project team, inventory or material management, purchasing, manufacturing, financials, safety, quality, maintenance etc. PMO role is to implement Primavera solution in such a way that it covers all the project major stakeholders’ requirements and their expectation is the same from the Primavera Implementation experts.

Primavera Implementation Expert questionnaire to presales/sales team before requirement gathering:

  1. Provide Request for Proposal document
  2. Provide Presales responses and demo in details

Other required details to be collected in the very first meeting of requirement gathering:

  1. Nature of business
  2. Types of Contracts handling
  3. Number of Project Manager
  4. Number of Program Manager
  5. Project Stakeholders and key end user list
  6. How many current projects running?
  7. How many future projects in another 2-5 years?
  8. Number of probable users at any time in business hours
  9. Number of team members in a project
  10. Average Project duration
  11. Project Planned cost vs. Project Actual cost variation in last 2 years
  12. Project planning and execution methodology
  13. Real time Project progress method
  14. Project reports – how helpful are in execution and claim management.
  15. Critical path methodology in brief
  16. Business process approval methodology in brief- current practice
  17. What is the current practice of Project Management
  18. Existing PM tool or application.

List may be long but this will help to make a road map of requirement gathering.

Implementation Project Team key members:

  1. Database experts in case of on premise hardware
  2. Solution Architect (SA) or Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  3. Primavera Functional Expert
  4. Technical experts in technical discussions

Project Team active involvement in requirement gathering is much required to understand and analyses the business requirements so that solution offered would be fitted and adopted by end users.

In coming posts, we will discuss about the more phases of Primavera/Unifier Implementation.

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