Struggling With SAP – Primavera Connection Issue. Here is the Troubleshooting!!!

Integrating SAP with Primavera is a bit easy task in comparison to maintaining the successful SAP-P6 connection as there are multiple factors that keep disturbing the SAP-P6 connection. For example, P6/SAP upgrades, DB upgrades, patch & hotfixes network parameters changes, etc…likewise there are so many factors.

In nutshell, troubleshooting the configuration and external connection is mandatory sometimes in the case of connectivity issues that may occur at each point of the chain. 

You are getting an error indicating that SAP EPC cannot connect to Oracle Primavera Web Services or cannot read or write the data or showing Connection Refused error. Then it’s worth reading this article


 1. The setup process mentioned here is created to establish and re-establish the connection between SAP EPC and Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM system.
2. SAP EPC – Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM configuration using Oracle Primavera Web Services

Basis on my experience, you may look at the following to initiate the debugging process.  

1) RFC schema:- The work of the Remote Function call is to return the request and response of the desired BAPI.
2) Debug management:- Toggles debug file output when the installation mode is Production.
3) Restart application:- Enables SAP Enterprise Project Connection restart of the integration engine component.
4) Test destination system connection:- It provides Rest call URLs to test available connections.
5) Display active integration solution:- When the installation type is Development. Then it provides a home folder of the currently running integration solution.
6) Clear database:- Clears logged scheduled jobs and transfer results from the database.
7) Upload/replace Oracle Primavera CRUD Java rules:- It enables upload or replacement of CRUD Java rules.
8) Diagnose connection with SAP ERP:- this is work on Diagnoses configured connections.
9) Upload/Replace Custom Java Library:- It manages the custom Java library.
10) Concurrent Processing Thread Count:- It works to enable and manage the concurrent data integration process.
11) Add SMTP email Configuration:- It is managed SMTP configuration to enable emails to be sent from workflows.
12) Character Set Encoding:- Modify character set encoding as per the character set used in our data. The default is ISO-8859.

Still facing challenges in re-establishing the connection between SAP-Primavera, please reach out to me

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