Unifier is not Working. ORA-28001: the password has expired

  In case if you get the following error when attempting to start Primavera Unifier
“ORA-28001: the password has expired”

In newer version fo Oracle Database, for the security reasons, you have to periodically reset the database user password otherwise it gets expired.

Below are the steps to resolve the issues

1. Check Unifier Username: Open the Unifier Configurator to cross-check the Unifier database username (In my case, location of Configurator is C:\Ravi\Software\Unifier18.8\Unifier\configurator)

– Click on Database Tab & noted down the User name

2. Change Unifier Database User’s Password: Once you got the Unifier database username from the above step, now you have to reset the Unifier database user’s password.

– Goto to Run command
– Type cmd command & press enter
– Type “sqlplus” & press enter
– Enter the Unifier database username (as we got in above step 1)

– Upon entering the password, you will get the below Error

– Enter the new password (as per Oracle password policy)
– Retype the new password

– Close the cmd window
– Update the new password in Unifier configuration window

– Click on Save to ensure the new password gets updated in Unifier.ear file

– Click on Test Database Connection to ensure the connection between Database & Unifier Application

– Restart the Unifier Admin Server.
– Wait till Unifier Admin Server state gets changed to Running mode.

After performing the above steps, you could able to login into Unifier again.

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