How to Unlock P6 EPPM User

Due to default password policy, P6 EPPM user may get locked, if you enter incorrect password multiple times 

Below are the steps to unlock user who was locked due to entering incorrect password multiple time 

Prerequisite:  You must have the admin superuser account credentials to reset other locked users 

1. Login into P6 EPPM as admin user account

2. Click the Administer  menu.

3. Select User Sessions  from the list

4. User account that is locked out is highlighted in Red and denoted by an asterisk.

5. Select User the locked user

6. Click Reset User to unlock the user

Above is the case, with the help of Admin superuser you can unlocked the other users, but just think the scenario if Admin user itself get locked.

I will share the method of unlocking Admin user in upcoming post.

 P6 Administrator can specify the number of times a user can enter incorrect password before P6 locks them out. The default setting is 5. To make it unlimited attempts, change the to 0