How to create a Resource Curve ?

When resources perform work on an activity, you can choose how the resource units or costs are spread through time. curves will determine how the effort and cost of a resource is spread over time. This could reflect the expected cost for labor or the expected consumption of a material resource.

Below is the example of customizing the column:-







Resource Curves is an Enterprise data. Click the Resource Curves and choose the Curve.
Click the add button and search a resource curve or select a resource curve and click the add button.

A window will appear before you and you write a name there.

You can modify the resource curve from here.

A Window will appear before you, The modify resource curves dialog allows you to specify a ‘curve value %’ for every ‘duration %’ increment of 5 from 0 to 100.

You can change the ‘curve value %’ from here, but the total curve value should be 100%.

And it follows that regulation until the end of curve.
The good news is that Primavera P6 does support creation of one-of-a-kind resource curves.